Why I Love Christ United Methodist Church

Although I don’t attend the church anymore because I now reside 1,100 miles away, I am still an ardent supporter of Christ United Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and the life-altering messages its inspiring pastor, Dr. Jeff Dunn, shares with his congregation each Sunday.
As a matter of fact, the reason I’m writing this column at all is because I was recently sitting down in my home near Kansas City, Missouri, watching a DVD of one of the church’s spirited services with my ten-year-old daughter, Tia.

After watching the amazing service, in which “Pastor Jeff” once again left some indelible – and imperative – impressions, on those in attendance as well as myself and my daughter, I decided to write this article and share some of my feelings about the church with others who may be in the area want to attend services one day.

The first thing that sticks in my mind about the very first time I attended Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) is the genuine feeling of warmth and acceptance, the church’s ushers and parishioners give you upon entering the building. To be honest about it, I’ve attended numerous churches the past few years and the truth is, that not every church is as welcoming as they sometimes portray themselves to be.

Some churches’ pastors, staff and members dress in their Sunday best each and every week and, whether consciously or subconsciously, look down their noses at others who are in attendance who may not be fortunate enough to afford clothing as nice as theirs.

At CUMC, the members and visitors who attend the church, wear everything from three-piece suits to shorts and sandals, depending mostly on the weather. I have to admit that it is quite refreshing to know that you can attend church wearing either a pair of blue jeans, something casual or even a pair of shorts and tee shirt and no one is going to make you feel uncomfortable because they don’t approve of you choice of garb.

The next thing I found out about CUMC is that the church does something very wise by having three very different services for its members.

The first, or, “traditional” service, is a more conventional church service and the attendees are generally middle-aged to elderly citizens who enjoy a slightly more “reserved” service and the music that accompanies it

The second service is geared towards children and youths and is ingeniously called, “Big House.” The entertaining and innovative program is a ministry the church uses to encourage children to bring their parents to church. Families attend Big House and learn about Jesus through songs, skits, videos and other creative means.

Finally, there is the third, or, “contemporary” service, which is the service I generally attended and grew to love immensely. The service features an excellent band and choir, which continuously performs some of the best “Christian” music I have ever heard in any church – in a more modern setting that is more likely to attract younger members into coming to church.

Without speaking on behalf of the church, my personal opinion is that Christ United Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is unequivocally the finest church I have ever attended in my life.

The messages Pastor Jeff imparts on his congregation are always heartfelt and sincere, yet, powerful and life changing.

Simply put, attending Christ United Methodist Church, even once, will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget – I know I won’t.

Christ United Methodist Church is located at 2901 Fantasy Way in Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. The phone number is 843.236.6201.